REnato lab

REnato lab is a sustainable engineering team that is committed to accelerating the transformation of sustainable lifestyles by creating the best solutions for resource efficiency through science, engineering, business, and design. We work with companies in a wide range of fields, especially international market-oriented brands and manufacturers. Knowledge sharing type projects include: "Green ocean" (2016 World Design Capital in Taipei), "Future Perfect" (2017), "Future is Now" (2019), "Disaster or Design" (2020), "Recycle Index" (2021, with the advocacy team RE-THINK), "Circular Design Guidebook for EEA industry" (2021, with Covestro, one of the world's largest polymer producers), "We Transforming" (2022, Taiwan Design Expo).


As the Japanese making miso paste, it takes a long process of making and fermentation to form the wonderfulness. Thus, the process of making is also the essence of wisdom. The initial idea of founding the design studio is to create more innovative design though the design process. To respond to the living environment and limited resources, our design concept constantly adopts new ideas to reduce waste and materials, which incorporates new ideas with digital tectonics and sustainability technologies. MisoSoupDesign also apply the systematic way of thinking, and discover the surprising moment when form meets function.


REnato lab | Aining Ouyang

COO of REnato lab, stepping into the field of sustainability in 2016 with a background in business, marketing, and curation. Aining specializes in shifting perspectives and strategies planning, and currently is actively exploring the business and environmental impact.

MisoSoupDesign | Minnie Jan

Founder of MisoSoupDesign, Ms. Jan has received master’s degree from Columbia University Advanced Architecture Design in 2004, and has extended her career into various disciplines, including sustainability and circular design.

MisoSoupDesign | Daisuke Nagatomo

Founder of MisoSoupDesign, Mr. Nagatomo is currently an assistant professor at National Taiwan Normal University. He has won several international awards. Creative works including new immigrant’s lighting design “Pulse” at the Lantern festival in Kaohsiung.


We are transforming. So is our future.

“We Transforming” is a journey that we co-create and define our way.

In this journey, our daily lifestyle is the pathway to the future. Conscious eating, responsible purchasing, good dressing philosophy, well-designed housing and smart travel choices all define sustainable living and the destination of this journey.