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KUtrain Workshop

Focusing on the cultural assets of railway and transportation, we have rich experience in editing, publishing, research, and curatorial and educational promotion activities. Our team members come from transportation, history, geography, ecology, design, information, and other fields. We look forward to sharing ideas for cross-domain integration.


KUtrain Workshop | KU Tingwei

He, as the founder of KUtrain Workshop, has been involved in many railway-related research and presentation projects. He is also a columnist for "Taiwan Mountain Magazine" and editor-in-chief of "Rail News" magazine. Therefore, it is natural for him to love the Alishan Railway.

Cooperative Partners

拾初設計、 thelandfilms


Over 100 years old, the Alishan Forest Railway is a vivid memory of the forest in the minds of contemporary Taiwanese. To reshape the medium for tourists to better know the forest, Alishan Forest Railway planned an activity entitled "Design for railway car" at the end of 2020. It plays an essential part in the mid-range visual art design project for forest railway and cultural assets. This exhibition introduces how the design affects the vehicles and the landscape along the railway. It also focuses on the daily life of forest railway workers. With a series of questions such as "how the trains overcome the terrain" and "how to make a turn," the exhibition explains the principles behind the scenes all along, from the era of timber transportation until the railway car modification.