Since its inception in 2003, “Taiwan Design Expo” has become one of the largest annual design exhibitions in Taiwan. Organized by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and executed by TDC, the Expo collaborates with different a municipal governments every year through call for submissions; targeting local lifestyle, culture, and unique industrial features, the Expo utilizes design thinking to reinterpret the meaning of the new age, and presents the present and future of local design and industries through exhibitions and diverse activities, hoping to explore domestic and international issues of design and industries by curating thematic exhibitions.

Generating Influences for Local Design and Cities

With rapidly developing technology and changing social values, a coexisting, harmonious, yet contradicting relationship exists between the past and future, and traditions and modernity, of industry and life, in which “Design” plays an important role of converting and mediating. From a human-oriented perspective, and through connection of the uniqueness of a city and expertise of design, design can be utilized to examine and comb through the features of the city to reedit locality through diverse aspects and build an urban brand.

The core value of “Taiwan Design Expo” is to continuously elevate the people’s design aesthetics; combining resources of the industry, academia, and government, the Expo aims to bridge multiple parties, including industries, designers, general public, and government agencies, to turn the whole city into a stage of aesthetics. In addition to showcasing magnificent grandeur, another aim is that, after the Expo closes, all the essences and nutrients facilitated by the Expo can remain in the host city, and continue to mature, opening up another door of great influences for the host city through design.

Shu-Chang, Kung

Professor of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Chen-Jung, Liu

Director of BIAS Architects & Associates

Hugh, Hu

Founder of Ndd Design Tainan

Yu-fen, Lo

Director of Pinyen Creative Inc.

Cheng-che, Chen

Associate Professor of Nanhua University

Jung-Ya Hsieh

Founder of GIXIA GROUP

Wei-hsiung Chan

Founder of Business Next Magazine

Dianna Tai

Director of Lion Group Executive

Wang, Wei-Chung

Golden Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. General Manager

Taiwan Design Expo‘21 in Chiayi - City as Home

In recent years, local city modernology has become fashionable in Taiwan, and everyone is looking for their hometown. Like an epitome of Taiwan’s native cities, Chiayi city embodies the definition of “Home” through the memories of culture, city scales, and even the spirit of hospitality.

The Taiwan Design Expo '21 takes place in Chiayi this year. Through“City as Home”as the theme, the Expo thrives on reshaping Peach City's sense of belonging by reviving its bustling train station spirit, expressing its hospitality as a host, exploring, creating, and representing the definition of home. Therefore, the Expo intends to allow everyone who arrives here to become thoroughly in and out satisfied with being a guest coming “Jia” (Home) or “Chia” (of Chiayi City).

“City as Home” imagines a city with 3 concepts of home, 13 home locations, and 18 embodiments of a home. A city, homeward.

A city that feels like home
City, mountains, rivers, botanical garden, and railways.

Scale of Home

The essence of Chiayi hospitality
Warmth, geniality, life, and change.

Spirit of Home

Memories of Chiayi
Festivals, artisans, food culture, travels, and performing arts.

Memory of Home

Multiple City

A city is to homes what a home is to family. A home is composed of people with different looks and personalities. Like the city, a big melting pot, it contains and gently entertains us so rich and diverse.

The appearance of each building in a city is also diverse and intriguing. It is this diversity that creates the unique landscape of the city. Even though those constructions are different, they are still connected and combined to make something beautiful.

In the primary visual, the outline of "home" brings out the image of Chiayi as a big family. Under the home scheme, several large and small geometric units symbolize different homes in the city, thereby generating an image: City as Home! Chiayi, a city as home, welcomes you “Chia (home).” This image gives colorful colors reflecting the lovely affinity of regarding the city as home.

Note: “Home” is pronounced as “Chia” in Mandarin, con-notating that Chiayi is a city a home.

Scale of HomeScale of Home
Spirit of HomeSpirit of Home
Memory of HomeMemory of Home

Several large and small homes in the city.

The outline of "home" brings out
the image of Chiayi as a big family.


The studio was founded by Tsengreen and is based in Tainan. It has undertaken many projects, such as the exhibition visual design team of the "The Tainan Expo Park" of the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan, the visual design team of the 2020 Tainan New Year's Eve "Ban Xi" (Traditional Taiwanese Play), and the 2020 Double Tenth Day (National Day) image design team. In particular, over the past two years, the studio has been awarded the Golden Pin Design Award for its designs.

Tseng Kuo Chan

He is the design director of One Piece Design Studio. He has many works listed in Asian design books, such as Victionary, Design360° Magazine, Brand_Design Magazine, CUTOUT_Magazine, Sandu, and APD Asia Pacific Design Yearbook. He is currently devoting himself in the field of graphic design. In 2018, he worked with SimpleInfo Design to start an online course on logotypes at Hahow School.

With the theme " City as Home" as the core concept, we use the circle to symbolize the sunrise of Alishan beyond the silhouette of the mountain peaks. The image then jumps all the way, turning itself into another one with people shuttling through Chiayi city. Consequently, the mountain scenery mingles with the city, and the relationship between the city and the people is united. Like the image of City as Home, we use lights and shadows to subtly reflect the city's sense of time and transformation, embodying Chiayi's slow living tempo.


The studio has been deeply engaged in motion design for many years. It is known for its high level of cross-disciplinary integration. It has created animations and visuals for over 100 international brands, including Disney, IKEA, Gogoro, Pinkoi, McDonald's, and Subway. It even has coordinated the 31st Golden Melody Awards ceremony visuals. It has been responsible for many national-level projects, such as the 2017-2021 National Days, World Flora Exposition, Universiade, Taiwan Lantern Festival, Taiwan Design Festival, Creative Expo Taiwan, and Citizens Sports Games. Its works are full of diversity and comprehensive styles and have been often recognized by international design awards, such as Red Dot, Golden Pint, MUSE, and IDF.

Cheng-Hsuan Lin

As the director and founder of the 27Design Studio and the co-founder of Motioner, he has been deeply engaged in motion design for many years. He has created animations and visuals for over 100 internationally renowned brands, including Disney, IKEA, Gogoro, Pinkoi, McDonald's, and Subway. He also served as the visual coordinator of the 31st Golden Melody Award Ceremony and the directors of many large-scale projects, such as the 2017-2021 National Days, World Flora Exposition, Universiade, Taiwan Lantern Festival, Taiwan Design Festival, Creative Expo Taiwan, Citizens Sports Games, and the 30th, 29th, and 25th Golden Melody Awards.

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