07/05-10/30 12:00-21:00
Hamasen Trader Building 2F


The Kaohsiung Museum of History(KMH)

The Kaohsiung Museum of History(KMH) is an important part of city tourism and an important field for life-long learning of the people. The core value and vision of KMH and its affiliated premises are to cultivate deeply in Kaohsiung, to continue cultural knowledge and to show our local vision to the public. KMH dedicates to doing profound reserach, enriching multiple themes for our galleries, organizing diverse exhibitions and devoting ourselves to the cultural and historical database center in Kaohsiung. We also look forward to strenghthening our connection and interection internationally.


In the summer of 2022, the Creative Expo Taiwan and Taiwan Design Expo are launched in Kaohsiung! While the salty sea breeze is caressing our skin, in order to resist the scorching sun in southern Taiwan and show the warm charm of the port city, we will call on the public to have a "Ice Festival in Kaohsiung"!

When did the icy treat industry start in the port city, Kaohsiung? The rise of the ice-making industry that stretched from the construction of the former Harbor, Takao, opened up the history of icy treats in Kaohsiung. With people's unremitting pursuit of delicacy, icy treats have become an indispensable part of daily diet, and the various ice treat designs in full bloom have also formed the cold and sweet dialogue between taste buds and icy treats. The “Ice Festival in Kaohsiung” in 2022 examines how icy treats were developed and enjoyed over the past decades at Kaohsiung and explores the centuries-old history of eating icy treats. Let’s join native Kaohsiung residents in a resplendent and gastronomical show of both age-old and new icy treat brands and their icy products.

So, what is your favorite icy treat on a hot summer day?

Come and feast both your eyes and stomach on the icy treats in Kaohsiung!