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策展顧問|蘇孟宗、高名孝;內容統籌|均勻製作;內容執行|林允馨、宋秋美、李淇加;裝置創作|王文心、吳克威X蔡郁柔、共感地景創作;視覺統籌|蕭佑任;視覺設計執行|佐禾制作;影像製作|種種影像;攝影協力|吳克威X蔡郁柔;插畫繪製|陳詠佳、特別感謝|嘉義市醫師公會、遠東機械、林聰明沙鍋魚頭、康揚輔具、承億集團、阮劇團、銀色大門、陳世岸、辛柏毅、諸羅設計塾-呂武隆、蔡嘉豪、日常經典、謝明勳、OA Studio、點睛設計、賈勛甯、鳴天設計、游智維、陳穎禎、陳汝蓁、湯石照明、易鋼系統鋼構有限公司、台灣菸酒股份有限公司-嘉義營業處、峻榮交通事業有限公司(以上順序不分先後)


​​A city at the foot of rolling mountains that represents all the unknown places between cities and nature, modernity and tradition as well as beginning and end, Chiayi is embodies 95% of unknown places in people’s life, which are blank spaces that people have never truly and consciously perceived as they quietly fade away in time. These largely unnoticed and rarely mentioned places perhaps feel unrelated to our everyday life, but geographically speaking, they constitute 95% of the land, or even more. As the background and divided by roads, they comprise mountains, woods, fields, coasts, towns and villages that most of us have passed by in travel.

Indeed, it is precisely this expansively mountainous and rural land that has supported and served as a foil to the modern living in Taiwan.

Chiayi sits on a wealth of multiple resources that has given birth to the modern living in Taiwan, from the forestry of Mount Alishan, to Chianan Plain, to the Chianan Irrigation Canal that nourishes the agriculture. Chiayi has nurtured the inhabitants of this land and laid the foundation for Taiwan’s industrial and commercial developments. Based on this foundation, the 2021 Taiwan Design Expo in Chiayi aims to demonstrates how these resources have ceaselessly provided today’s Chiayi an uplifting energy and how such characteristics of Chiayi will continue supporting sustainable living that ushers in our coexistence with nature.

The 5% of Chiayi’s design is enough to influence the view of living of the rest 95% of Taiwan.