Ordinary Editorial Room

Using the craftsmanship of editorial integration, we probe the essence of ordinary things and their hidden value and explore more ways and possibilities to leave records for this era.


Ordinary Editorial Room | Brian Ming-Chang Huang

Born in Chiayi, a magazine editor/writer, he is now the executive editor of "VERSE." He graduated from the Department of Law at Taiwan University. He was once the editor-in-chief of "The Big Issue Taiwan." He is now creating the most significant possibility of moving people through editorial power. "


We live in Chiayi and call this small town home because: the pace here is not too fast or too slow; it is a place with a sense of history and many new ideas hidden in the alleys; and it's small but delicate and complete, just like that famous bowl of turkey rice. Between the fast pace and the slow walk, between the retro and the new trend, between the vast and the narrow, Chiayi City is a city that is appropriate and just right. Distilling Chiayi's "just right" urban character, this exhibition brings out the charming living style of this small city from three perspectives: speed, time, and scale. By inviting designers and creators with deep ties to Chiayi to participate in the creation, the exhibition leads visitors to explore Chiayi from the design perspective and rethink what a ideal life looks like.