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Former Patriotic Women’s Association Hall


The Pier-2 Art Center

The Pier2 Art Center is an artistic center that lies across the Yancheng District and Gushan District in Kaohsiung. Its goal is to build a “pioneering, experimental, and innovative” international artistic platform.

googoods design

In 2012, googoods design was established with the goal of bringing beauty to everyone’s lives. Its services range from products, graphic design, brand image, spatial design, to multiple large-scale art installations. Committed to building an overall brand image, googoods design believes that the ideal design should precisely cater to the most suitable services. Proficient in designing experience-based spaces such as installations and spatial design, googoods design wishes to convey the beauty and touching moments of life to everyone via these designs and installations.


The beauty underneath the changing times are enactments of contemporary arts and creativity.

The former Japanese Patriotic Women’s Association Patriotic Hall was once a venue dedicated to women’s contributions in the name of patriotism. It was also the fourth venue in the 1931 Kaohsiung Harbor Exhibition. This is the first time the venue has been reopened since its restoration, and it addresses the roles of women through design and art.

As gender equality has become a prevalent notion throughout the world, the definition of “beauty” is also changing throughout the times. It has now become a demonstration of confidence and an ability to be more in touch with one’s daily life. Where the old meets the new in this historical venue, an intangible yet beautiful strength is formed by the catalyst of “perfume”. Let us all create our own Ms. Perfume.

Mon. - Thu. 10:00-18:00

Fri. - Sun. & Holiday 10:00-20:00