Ultra Combos

We are Ultra Combos, a digital interactive design team straight out of Taiwan. Our team was formed by a group of adventurous professionals from various fields on the very last day of 2010. We believe that the synergies among different disciplines yield extraordinary creative works, and so we use digital content creation tools to blend together aesthetics, creativity, concepts, visuals, technologies, space installations, sounds, and other elements to come up with the creative works of our dreams.

Cooperative Partners

HTC、Institute for Information Industry


In 1969, a graduate student at the University of California typed the letters "l o g i n " in front of the screen and sent it to another computer. This marked the first-ever information relay between two computers in the history of mankind, and “Login” became the word for logging on to the Internet.

We are currently sitting at the crossroads of eras, where people are attempting to slowly transport the human mind, senses, and even the entire society, to a virtual place. Mankind will be more fully engaged in the digital world, transcending the limits of body, roof, and borders in the hope of achieving unprecedented freedom.