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He is responsible for many domestic and international design curations in assisting designers. He has rich experience in domestic and international cooperation, hoping to promote domestic and international design exchanges.


Let's explore the visible and invisible, the connections, spiritual and symbolic meanings beneath the surface. While the invisible line of hydrology responds to the underground stream of history, humanities, and memory, other states beneath the surface of symbolic things provide another perspective of viewing and thinking. The city's development must exist in some form between the virtual and the real. In addition to what you are used to, those you can't see, on the contrary, leave more imagination room for interpretation and reconstruction. From the perspective of six groups of design teams, this exhibition takes design as a method to observe the public space in Chiayi City. Through various entry angles, it also speculates fiction and dialogue and ponders the imagination of future urban life. We use different ways to ignite people's desires to think about the possibility of turning public space into a place. Our hope is that with the opening of such dialogue, we can enable people to have more understanding and knowledge of a place, thereby accumulating its urban connotation.