Elephant Design

Our design team comprises four designers: Wang Yin-zhou, Li Wei-jun, Lin Wei-heng, and pan Yuelin. They offer comprehensive design categories of graphic design, packaging design, product design, interior design, brand integration, and the like to solve different design problems for everyone, things, and things.


Elephant Design | PAN YUEH LIN

Born and raised in Chiayi, he is an industrial designer and co-founder of Elephant Design. He uses modern product design thinking to exhibit cultural spaces and add contemporary imagination to the past.

Cooperative Partners

專案執行|三分之三設計、合作宮廟|嘉邑城隍廟、九華山地藏庵、合作工藝|天誠製香舖、弘義燈籠、邱錦雲、包裝設計|黃顯勛 、展覽文案|陳岱華、燈光設計|詹威誠、影像攝影|倪浚哲、周君蔚


An art museum bearing the shared memories of the temple art of this city-Chiayi Temple Museum. It helps find out the artistic value of the local temples through a modern exhibition! For the duration of a burning joss stick, let us walk through centuries-old art history, and with a new perspective, feel the artisans' skills and craftsmen's spirits, humbly and proudly expressing their respects to deities.