07/30-10/23 10:00-18:00
North Tower



Founded in 2007, CMIE DESIGN is committed to “research and development of new media technologies” and “integrating interdisciplinary talent and platforms.” CMIE DESIGN has successfully enhanced a variety of projects to an artistic manner by integrating commercial aspects with cultural appeal, and its past project has become an exemplary image of Taipei to the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government and received widespread acclaim.

KUtrain Workshop

Founded in 2016, KUtrain Workshop is committed to the “Rail News” publication and related merchandise, as well as the design and production of creative products related to railway culture, the promotion, planning, exhibition, and integrated marketing of cultural activities, examining railway history and provision of the use of authorized texts and images. Currently, it is in charge of managing the TakaoMuseum and the North Signal Tower.


Available only on weekends from August to October at the North Signal Tower, the “Switch! North Signal Tower Rail Switching Show” will demonstrate the secrets of how the North Signal Tower unlock, interlocks, and operates with the early DL-1043 freight wagon mover used by early TRA to dispatch the freight wagons. Come and enjoy this limited-time railway show!

The most core and the most complex function of the North Signal Tower’s signaling, is to achieve the interlocking between signals, from signals to turnouts, and between turnouts. The interlocking control panel ensures consistent operation between the lever locks, and the lever locks then electrically and mechanically "remote control" the turnouts and signals in the distance so that these devices are also coordinated with one another. In the early days when there was no radio, the staff of the signal tower could also control and monitor the scheduling of vehicles throughout the Kaohsiung port railway station by using yard interphones.