Scale of Home

A city that feels like home
City, mountains, rivers, botanical garden, and railways.

Spirit of Home

The essence of Chiayi hospitality
Warmth, geniality, life, and change.

Memory of Home

Memories of Chiayi
Festivals, artisans, food culture, travels, and performing arts.


“City as Home” imagines a city with 3 concepts of home, 13 home locations, and 18 embodiments of a home. A city, homeward.
Scale of Home家/嘉的尺度
Scale of Home家/嘉的尺度
Spirit of Home家/嘉的精神
Memory of Home家/嘉的記憶

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Scale of Home家/嘉的尺度

  • School
    ++School of Design

    Chiayi Vision Station

  • Outset

    Chiayi Train Station

  • Hydrology
    Beneath the surface

    Chiayi Art Museum

  • Alishan
    ALISHAN in OIur Memories - Alishan Forest Railway Exhibition

    Chiayi Sawmill Boiler Room

  • Path
    Alishan on the Move

    Chiayi Sawmill Office

  • Market
    Green Green Life Market

    Chiayi Sawmill、Chiayi Old Prison Dormitories、Chiayi Park

Spirit of Home家/嘉的精神

  • Living
    Chiayi City: Another Way of Living

    Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park Building A

  • In-between
    Factory in the Middle

    Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park Building V

  • Expectation
    Re: Chiayi A New Message from Chiayi

    Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park Building B & C

  • Daydream
    Tectonics of Bamboo - New Dimension

    Chiayi Sawmill North Lawn

  • Hospitality
    Jail Hostel

    Chiayi Old Prison

Memory of Home家/嘉的記憶

  • Wood

    Chiayi Sawmill Knitting Center

  • Forestry
    Timberize Chiayi

    Chiayi Municipal Museum

  • Belief
    Chiayi Temple Museum

    Chiayi City God Temple、Dizang Temple of Mt. Jiouhwa

  • Guide
    Street Performance at Chiayi City


  • Taste
    Food Culture


  • Night
    Eco Night Market

    Wenhua Rd. Night Market

  • Musical
    Dongzhi Location

    Wenhua Park Stage



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